YouVersion Reading Plans

If you haven't heard about or experienced the YouVersion bible app for your phone or tablet, we would highly recommend it.  Please join the millions of people using the app.  Our first YouVersion reading plan was a huge success!

Our First Reading Plan

Marketplace Impact has partnered with YouVersion to provide a reading plan for people interested in experiencing a small part of our content. One of the most important concepts in Living on Purpose: Foundations is living with God as the Center of your life.

The content of this reading plan is exactly the same as the content in the Foundations devotional. If you are concerned about the quality of the devotional or just would like to kick the tires a bit more, we invite you to download the YouVersion app and experience our reading plan for yourself.

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The Response Was Amazing

We were blown away by the number of people that were looking to put God at the center of their lives. To get this kind of response during Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas and New Years was AMAZING!! We are also humbled and very proud that so many readers thought so highly of the content.