Christian Employee Resource Groups

Does faith have a place at work?

Absolutely, positively yes - it most certainly does. 

Across most of the world, it would be unthinkable to even pose the question.  Asian, African, Middle Eastern and many Latin American cultures see faith as central and foundational to everyday life, including work. As our world continually grows smaller and people from various cultures closely engage in the workplace, asking workers from various cultures to leave their faith at home will not work. In fact, our legal system won’t allow it.

We all know that discussing faith matters can be divisive.  After all, it has been throughout history!  But it need not be. Leaving one’s faith at home doesn’t change the dynamic in the workplace – it just glosses over and hides differences, doing nothing to build trusting relationships among workers.

Rather than telling others about Jesus Christ, Marketplace Impact helps Christian employees grow in demonstrating Christ in and through their work - something every organization should want! Providing benefits like:

  1. Loving and caring for all they engage with (especially those different from them), treating all with dignity and respect.
  2. Putting others’ interests ahead of their own.
  3. Striving for excellence in all they do.
  4. When issues arise, looking first at their own role in them rather than focusing solely on others’ failures.
  5. Living and working with unquestioned integrity.

Participants are encouraged to inwardly grow and outwardly demonstrate these and many more qualities.  Imagine the impact this brings!

Listen to a Foundations Participant Talk About Intel's ERG Christian Group

Partnering with Employers

Diverse workplaces can be exciting, invigorating environments where innovation and new transformative approaches are birthed.  Or they may be places where anger, resentments and frustrations simmer over differences - where dysfunction rules.  Marketplace Impact partners with organizations that have or are looking to start a Christian ERG. The approach, materials and resources we bring challenge Christian employees to grow by living out the teachings and life example of Christ. Living on Purpose’s approach and resources can help grow employees’ care for all they engage with. 

Professionalism and Experience

Marketplace Impact and our partners bring decades of experience in effectively integrating faith with our work in ways that benefit customers, colleagues and the organization. We do this through coaching others around the world to do the same.  

  • Living on Purpose - Foundations

    Foundations is a 7-week study that raises awareness of Christ’s pragmatic teaching related to life, inviting you to live this out in your workplace and throughout life.

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  • Living on Purpose - Life Applications

    Living on Purpose - Life Applications is a series of three 6-week journeys that builds on the awareness gained from the Foundations study for those wanting to go deeper in applying Christ’s teaching to their everyday lives.

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Additional Devotionals

We also have additional devotionals available to support your Living on Purpose journey!

Helping You Succeed

We have spent years working closely with hundreds of people in the US and around the world to grow inwardly, resulting in significant organizational impact and growth. We’d love to connect with you to see how we might be of assistance to you and your organization’s Christian ERG efforts.

Questions and Next Steps

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