What Impact Did Foundations Have On You?

  • Name withheld due to security reasons

    The Living on Purpose materials are world class, in my opinion.  You have made the "cohort facilitation" intuitive and deep and the personal devotional is fantastic - it is biblically grounded and has good questions. Both of them are also the right length, in my opinion - it won't take too much time each day/week and yet is solid enough and "meaty" - not just devotional "thoughts" but some real work individuals will commit to.

  • Jeremy Thiessen

    We went through Living on Purpose - Foundations as a group on a weekly basis. There are so many practical lessons in here to learn from. The mission of God is so clear, and this devotional really brings that out. We truly enjoyed it and feel enriched and better equipped to live out a wholistic life that reflects our Lords' mission better!

  • Howard Abe - City to City Asia Pacific

    I'm excited about Living on Purpose - Immersive Cohort's transformative approach journeying alongside work-place professionals, integrating faith, discipleship and coaching. Living on Purpose - Immersive Cohort is unique in its missional whole-life approach, enabling each participant to personally experience the love of Christ at work and every part of life. 

  • Feedback from Scatter Global Cohort

    We had 2 people in their 20s, a person in their 40s and another in their 70s all living in different parts of the world. The best part about the study content and the community aspect of our session was the perspectives and culture that each of us brought to the discussions. A number of us had conflicts with our weekly meetings, but these discussions were so important to us that we rescheduled other things to make these meetings.

  • Feedback from Scatter Global Cohort

    The content really made us rethink our view of work and our God given identity and how we can share our faith without offending someone. One participant said, "I need a Mordecai in my life to challenge, push and hold me accountable to my faith". The content of the devotional really made us want to change things in our life. Some of us have already started!

  • Feedback from Scatter Global Cohort

    We had many "ah-ha" moments that evangelism isn't and shouldn’t be a formula: “say this – read this – do this.” A participant shared an encounter with a Muslim colleague. "In the past, I looked for an opening to drill home a Christian perspective. Based on the course I didn’t do that. He was having a bad day and I just listened. I felt so much more loving and Christlike, and I could feel the doors opening”.

Participants Say The Greatest Things!

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