Living on Purpose Overview

Living on Purpose is a series of studies that guide a participant through 6 biblical principles that promote a heart-level transformation allowing them to demonstrate this to all around them.  Participants’ focus moves from “what should I do?” to “who should I be?” transforming others’ experience of them and attracting others to Christ.

Living on Purpose is comprised of 3 major areas: Foundations, Life Applications and Support Devotionals. Foundations is the centerpiece of the series.  This devotional with its practical application approach takes you on a faith journey to "be like Christ".  The three Life Applications studies take you on a deep dive of the Foundations topics with a focus on personal life improvement questions.  The Support Devotionals are a group of studies that talk about bringing your faith to work and the rest of your life but are outside the Foundations framework.  The series is depicted in the diagram below:

 We hope you enjoy the Living on Purpose series.  We have seen so many people transformed.  We hope you join our list.  Listen to a short video below of Jim Lapinski answering the question "How will my life change after completing the Living on Purpose series?". 

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Are You a Christian Who...

Seeks to take their faith to the next level - living with God at the center of your life?

Desires to both know and live your purpose every day, across all of life?

Understands you cannot simply work harder to live as Christ…God must change you from the inside out?

Is ready to live openly for the Lord in every setting, reflecting Christ to everyone, everywhere?

What if You Could...

Engage simple, practical, powerful spiritual formation practices that encourage personal transformation?

See this deep, inward transformation bring purpose and joy to all areas of life, even if the midst of great challenge?

Take the next step in living on purpose for Christ, seeing Him work both in and through you in ways you never imagined?

Live openly for Christ in a way that felt completely natural and normal to you, and all those around you?

In Community with Others on a Shared, Deeply Personal Heart Transformation Journey, Reflecting Christ

Encouraging fellow cohort/covenant group members to see and experience God in greater ways, believing Him for more, doing what He says, and seeing His goodness and power on display in and through you.

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