Its NOT About Tips or Tricks...

Most people we talk with really want to share their faith, but don't know where to start. Living on Purpose starts by guiding the individuals through six biblical principles that allow them to share their faith with those around them in a natural way - by being more like Jesus!

This whole-life discipleship approach allows those around you to experience your faith through your actions, attitudes and words! No magic words or actions steps, just be a better you.

How Does This Work? I Don't Have Enough Staff or Time!

Select up to five people that are looking to get more from their faith as your starter group. One of these people should have a strong faith to be the group facilitator. These people will go through an 8-week Living on Purpose Foundations study. At the conclusion of the study, each person will be asked to lead another group in the future. This is there chance to start to share their faith and continue to grow in theirs.

Running sessions in the spring and/or fall each year will build a strong missions program within your church or ministry.

While it would be great to have staff involved, this is not required. There are facilitation materials that allow teams to be self-sufficient. In addition, we can be available for any questions you may have.

We just don't have the funds for a new program!

Marketplace Impact has received a grant that is designed to help churches and ministries to help start an ongoing Living on Purpose program. Order a license pack and pay just 10% of a full multi-user license pack of your choice and the grant will pay the difference. This could be as small as $30 USD for ten people.

A Transformative Experience

There is anxiety, loss of hope and distrust all around us. One of the best experiences to be had with Living on Purpose is to see someone really understand the concept of putting God at the center of their lives and knowing God's purpose for them. Think of that happening throughout your membership and the impact it would have in their families, neighborhoods and workplaces. Contact us today to talk about starting a Living on Purpose program.

Please contact us for more information!