Living on Purpose - Immersive Cohort

Building on truths shared in the 7-week Foundations study, the 16-week Living on Purpose - Immersive Cohort introduces additional tools and approaches, walking cohorts of 3 to 4 people through four overarching questions related to faith-life integration:

  • What’s my current reality?
  • What could be?
  • What holds me back?
  • How do I participate with God in transforming my heart … transforming my witness?
Over time, participants grow in reflecting Christ at work, at home and in their communities so that others experience the change and naturally ask why - opening doors for the Gospel. Participants are invited to “jump tracks” from human strength/ human wisdom living to heart-surrendered/Holy Spirit empowered living - transforming how others see and experience them.

An Interview with a "Living on Purpose" Participant

More Than Training.....

Living on Purpose - Immersive Cohort is an invitation to find your life and fully live it. Unlike our salvation, we may lose our purpose - to reflect and demonstrate Christ to our dying world. Our purpose CAN be stolen from us – replaced by idols of safety, comfort, fleshly pleasure, possessions, and power. All are cruel masters that promise happiness while delivering only heartbreak. Never bringing the joy that comes from living out our purpose in reflecting Christ and His Kingdom.

Living on Purpose - Immersive Cohort helps Christ-followers “jump tracks” from head knowledge and human-strength attempts to be and do good to literally being Jesus. How is this possible? How can this be? Via a lifelong journey of dying to one’s flesh, then empowered by the Holy Spirit to live as Christ alongside others pursuing the same. 

Living on Purpose - Immersive Cohort does not train participants to share Jesus, but rather helps them grow in “being Jesus” at work, at home and in their communities. Living on Purpose - Immersive Cohort participants grow in surrendering hurts, anger, selfishness, fears, doubts and frustrations, replacing them with the mind and heart of Christ. Family, friends, and co-workers increasingly experience Jesus through them. Grounded in the Word, encouraged by their covenant groups/mentors and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Living on Purpose - Immersive Cohort participants stand out as open, life-bringing Jesus-followers to others in our broken world, throwing doors open for the Gospel.

Leveraging Living on Purpose's Foundations devotional, their bibles, self-awareness tools and an impactful e-journal, participants identify things they've not believed God for or surrendered to Him.  They imagine what could be, what hinders them, and how they should cooperate with God to change.  

Over a 16 week period, Living on Purpose - Immersive Cohort participants address faith-walk areas including:

  • How they see and experience God
  • Living out their purpose
  • Making decisions from a Kingdom mindset
  • Loving with Christ's agape love
  • Living their faith openly
  • Living empowered by the Holy Spirit.  

Participants grow in believing God, surrendering to Him, and experiencing His presence and power in and then through them.

Marketplace-Impact partners with local churches and ministries to spark reproducing Living on Purpose - Immersive Cohort movements in North America and around the world.

What is the Commitment?

Over a 16 week period, participants address faith-walk areas including: how they see and experience God, living out their purpose, making decisions from a Kingdom mindset, loving with Christ's agape love, living their faith openly, and living empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Your time commitment includes 2-3 hours in personal study, prayer, reflection, and journaling each week, plus another 90 minutes meeting with their covenant group as each person grows in believing God surrendering to Him, and experiencing His presence and power in and then through them.

We partner with Churches, Business Organizations and Ministries

Marketplace Impact partners with local churches and ministries to spark reproducing Living on Purpose movements in North America and around the world.  

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Engage the Breakthrough Model Throughout Your Journey

Using the tool below, create personal awareness of your current reality regarding where I'm surrendered to the Lord and where I'm not; imagining (with growing excitement) what COULD be; acknowledging and confronting what holds me back; cooperating with God to transform me from inside out.

You Are NOT Alone

Living on Purpose - Immersive Cohort is designed for busy people with work and family commitments. It guides you and others in your group on a deeply personalized yet shared journey of transformation by the Lord's power.

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In Community with Others on a Shared, Deeply Personal Heart Transformation Journey, Reflecting Christ

Encouraging fellow cohort/covenant group members to see and experience God in greater ways, believing Him for more, doing what He says, and seeing His goodness and power on display in and through you.